Who do I contact for storefront software support?

Since the storefront.net intellectual property has been transferred to Awesome Commerce, Storefront software support will be provided by Awesome Commerce. You’ll still email support@storefront.net but support will be provided by the team at Awesome Commerce.

Who do I contact for hosting support?

If your hosting was being provided by freestyle (formerly dydacomp) then continue to email support@storefront.net. When emailing support please be sure to include your website address as part of the request.

What's going to happen to my storefront.net software?

As announced, we’re focused on building a cloud based e-commerce solution and are offering a free migration for existing and past storefront license holders. If you don’t want to move from storefront, you don’t have to. The choice is yours.

When is the new software going to be released?

We’re targetting 6/1 as opening the platform to a limited number of early adopters. This is to ensure we deliver a stable and reliable platform. Once the software passes this phase, we’ll make it available to all existing storefront.net hosting and appliedi.net hosting customers first. Then we’ll make it available to those users that have licensed storefront in the past. Shortly there after, it will be made available as general release.


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I acquired storefront.net for a multiple of reasons actually and least of which was that I owe a great deal of the success Applied Innovations has had since 1999 to storefront and storefront hosting.  Back when storefront was really growing I learned the importance of building a community around software and fostering that community to not just grow a company but grow something greater than that. I learned that a single company can’t do it all and you need a robust ecosystem of partners, advocates and customers to grow.  This is something I feel LaGarde, Inc. lost along the way and ultimately cost them their market leadership.


So when the opportunity arose, I first thought to myself “huh? It hasn’t been updated in years. Why buy that?!?” then I thought to myself “You know, a lot of businesses rely on this software still today and it hasn’t been updated in years. They need help and more than that, they need a path to a modern platform.”


You see, I believe if I build a new platform that delivers the features our customers need, build a partner network that helps the customers succeed and once again foster a community around a shared goal…  Well, then I have something different and it’s not a shopping cart, it’s not software, it’s not even a company.. it’s something greater than that! That’s why I bought storefront.net and intend to return it to greatness again.


So I invite you to take the journey with me. Fill out the form on the right and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as things progress. It’s an exciting time to be in the e-commerce business and I’ve got some AWESOME surprises (dare I say a few Innovations too) in store for you.




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