Features List


Dynamic Drill-Down

Let your customers refine their way through your product list by selecting options such as brand, color and size. What’s better is that you can build the site to work seamlessly without learning how to program! Your customers will always have something to buy as built in site logic ensures they are always reaching a product or group of products.

Product Sort Order

Categories help your products stay organized, and AwesomeCommerce gives you the flexibility to ensure that your best-sellers stay near the top of the results list.

Product Categories and Sub-Categories

Quickly and easily add categories and sub-categories to every product, no matter how many products you have—providing your customers with intuitive product groupings that makes it easy to promote items in a group.

Automatic Paging

Even when your product categories grow to a massive scale, AwesomeCommerce keeps your pages to a reasonable length by automatically breaking your products into page groups of a similar size for consistency and improved user experience.

Category Counts

With our innovative e-Commerce engine, you can even show customers how many types of items are in each store category—giving customers an idea of where the volume of items can be found.

Custom Banners and Icons

Create interesting visual representations of your various product categories; highlighting sales and engaging the customer. Effortlessly load your graphics through our intuitive admin interface

Instinctive Navigation

Customers know to look for breadcrumb trails to navigate within a site, so AwesomeCommerce builds your breadcrumb trails for you based on categories and sub-categories so they never get lost on your site!

Expansive Meta Tags

Deep SEO is important, especially for an e-Commerce store. Fortunately, AwesomeCommerce has an integrated multi-level meta tagging option that allows you to set the meta tags for each category in your store.

HTML Item Descriptions

Say goodbye to boring and limiting product description editors! AwesomeCommerce provides you with the ability to create an HTML description in your category description—even offering HTML links as part of the experience.

HTML Templates

Use our powerful admin interface to insert graphics, videos, product manuals, custom links and more into your category pages.


No More Cramped Product Pages

Easily add smart tabs to your product pages to display additional information in an SEO-friendly way—without learning programming.

Create Rich Custom Fields

Custom fields are one of the many ways that you as a seller can enrich your data and entice your customers to make a purchase. Custom fields could include: “author”, “track list”, and more!

Product Customization

Don’t be stuck with one-size-fits-all products! Allow your customers to define the product they really want through integrated radio button, dropdown list and text input fields for personalized gifts, monograms and more that are built right into the AwesomeCommerce platform.

Product-Level Meta Tagging

Not only can you add metadata to the category level, you’ll also be able to produce meta tags for each level of your store to aid discoverability by search engines.

Enriched Product Descriptions

Add emphasis to words, hyperlinks and even images to your product descriptions to make them as interesting as possible to your audience.

Swap it Up

Have different images for each style of product, like different images to match different colored t-shirts? No problem! AwesomeCommerce has you covered with an AJAX-enabled product page that lets you have full control over which images go with specific options.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Customers love to read feedback from others before they make a purchase. Make it simple for them by incorporating real-time customer feedback in the form of ratings and reviews.

Category Descriptions

No need to feel limited to only having one description for your category! Get the most out of every customer visit with detailed descriptions on the product pages.

Gorgeous Images Abound

It’s really no secret—people tend to buy what they can visualize! Help your customers visualize your products with multiple full color images that can be attached to each product.

Downloads / Electronic Goods

Selling digital downloads or other electronic goods can really trip up some e-Commerce systems—but not AwesomeCommerce! Our smart cart automagically removes shipping and handling charges from downloads and ensures that the customer experience to retrieve each download is streamlined and straightforward.

Multiple Shipping Locations / Drop Shipping

Drop shipping from a variety of locations can really be a pain with some e-Commerce systems. Our systems allow your customers to create a cart with items from multiple locations and even properly calculate the shipping cost and time. We make e-Commerce easy for you and your customers!

Extended e-Commerce Options

Not only is it easy to calculate drop shipping charges, but you can also load various vendors and manufacturers against each product to ensure that your orders get to the right place—every time.

Accurate Shipping Charges

Your shipping charges will be incredibly accurate when you enter product details such as size and weight.

Order Requirements

Selling products that require a minimum order quantity can be challenging—but you’ll find it simple and straightforward with our intuitive interface.

Early Posting

It’s hard to post products “live” for sale at exactly the right time, which is why we decided to add the ability to pre-post products and turn them on to the public at a later time.

Defined List Price

Each product in your inventory list can have several different prices: list price and retail price. You have full control over how your store handles these different options and how savings are calculated and displayed for your customers.

Store Pricing

Don’t want to set prices for each product individually? No problem—simply add an overall store-wide site price that is lower than the list price, or MSRP.

Store Cost

Keeping track of your profit per item is important in the e-Commerce world, and we make it easy for you with AwesomeCommerce’s internal cost tracker, which is even sophisticated enough to ensure that coupons never go below set profitability points.

Tax Exemptions

Marking only a few of your inventory products as tax exempt doesn’t have to be hard to accomplish. Our tax-exempt option lets you accomplish the task with ease.

Tax Rules

Tax rules can be complex; with food items requiring one set of tax rules and hard goods requiring another. Easily set up groupings of products to ensure that your sales tax rules are applied accurately each time you make a sale.

Upselling Is Easy!

We offer several different options to drive up your total cart—related items that you can set as add-ons or accessories as well as the ability to display “Customers who purchased this also bought . . . “ recommendations.

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Running out of blue hats with a logo does not necessarily mean that you’re out of all colors of the hat—and AwesomeCommerce gets that. We’ve tweaked our inventory tracking so when someone buys the last of a particular variant, only that variant is removed from the store—not every option for that product!

Custom Content for Variants

Creating a variation of a product doesn’t necessarily mean that you just want to provide a description—there are any number of pieces of metadata that go along with the product such as images, HTML links, or other rich media. Add it all in with our advanced custom variants functionality.

Add-on Downloads

Not only does AwesomeCommerce allow you to sell downloads, you can also use downloads as a way to support your products. We offer the ability to add an unlimited number of downloads to each product in your inventory.


Homepage Carousels

Ever wondered how e-Commerce sites provide you with a beautiful and ever-changing image when you reach the site? Our homepage carousels will give you that functionality…and more.

Category Page Carousels

The same rotating image options—now for your interior category pages as well!

Slide Shows

Not all fancy parts of a website require coding, and our new jQuery carousels are proof positive. Take them for a test drive and see how cool content can be!

Price Like You Mean It

Create multiple tiers of customers by adding them to a group—and then control the discount level for the entire group at once.

True Promotion Engine

Combine actions and qualification levels to define your own truly rules-based promotion engine—ensuring that your customers are always engaged with the best offer for their particular situation.


Our coupon engine is very flexible: you can offer customers either percentage of dollar amount discounts on their entire order, off of one particular item and discount percentages can even be flexible based on sale prices.

Discount Offers

While some offers may be available for everyone, there are others that you want to make a little more “hidden”—or use them as a way to reward your best customers or as part of an abandoned cart initiative. You can require codes to get the best discount, or offer them to everyone.

It’s On Sale!

Our unbelievably flexible sale-pricing tool allows you to discount your entire store with one click, offer sales on all products in a particular category or product type, as well as the more traditional model of offering sale prices on individual items.

Quantity Discounts

Along with setting a minimum order quantity for particular items, you can also set a discount level strategy quickly and effectively for customers ordering in larger quantities.

Customer Outreach

Since you’re capturing all these great customer leads, you want to be sure you can stay in touch! AwesomeCommerce allows you to create an unlimited number of target groups of customers, letting you segment your list for product updates, weekly sales, general info and more. Our email templates paired with our customer groups will make your customer outreach incredibly powerful.

Integrated Contact Management

Even if you’re using an external customer relationship management platform or email provider such as Constant Contact or others, you can import your mailing lists and begin segmenting right away.

Friendly URLs

Having a short and friendly URL is critical—not just for customers, but also for search engines! However, taking the time to build these out for each product can be time-consuming and painful. AwesomeCommerce takes the work out of having this functionality as the smart URLs are generated automatically.

Custom URLs

Don’t like the URLs that are auto-generated by the system? No problem! You can quickly and easily overwrite the standard URL for any product within the store.

Product Suggestions

Customers often look at an item several times before they add it to their cart. Make it easy for customers to find recommended items as well as items they’ve viewed before right from their shopping experience.

Development & Customization

Fully Customizable and Built on top of Microsoft Technology

Only rarely are you handed fully-baked software that will meet your needs. We get it—so we’re providing you with a rich API and MVC based platform so you can make the modifications that you need for your business.

Built for Speed

Our platform was built from the ground up with cloud scale and performance in mind.

Beyond Basic HTML

We’ve adopted an n-tier application design making theming simplified and easy. By leveraging ASP.NET MVC you’re able to utilize razor pages / cshtml and go beyond simple CSS/HTML and add custom logic within your theme. Best of all, since we’re using standard ASP.NET MVC there’s no new language to learn and master.

Simplified Theming w/ Bootstrap

We’ve adopted the bootstrap framework making the implementation of themes extremely easy. Either bring your own theme or start with one of our starter themes and extend it further.

API with Time Stamp Reporting

Easily find the most recent changes to your store with our time-stamped import and export tools, which are REST Web Service API compatible.

Integrated Search

Text Search with Complex Parsing

Text-based search needs to be fast and provide outstanding results, and we think we’ve nailed it. Our linguistic stemming and complex parsing to match keywords provides you with the most advanced (and fastest) search tool around.

Keyword Jump

Sometimes customers don’t need a full-fledged search tool, but want to jump ahead with a keyword. Add a keyword tool to every page with our easy search boxes.

Search that Simply Works

Creating a search that is intuitive and works well can be a huge test for many e-Commerce systems. Customers need to perform advanced searches to narrow down their results to exactly the products that they’re looking for.


SEO Optimized

We automagically create a sitemap page, embed rich snippet markup and optimize the embedded HTML making your store irresistible to search engines. You’re welcome!

Advanced Filtering

Filtering technology by category, manufacturer, price range, keyword, vendor and even by custom fields defined for your store truly sets AwesomeCommerce apart from the competition. If your customer can’t spell what they’re looking for, you can easily add similar words or misspellings to the admin tool.

Customer Features

Address Memory

Customers want to know that your site remembers them, and our unlimited address book offers customers the ability to save both billing and shipping addresses—making it that much easier to reorder!

Order Lookup

Customers often order the same product again, and our easy and intuitive order lookup function allows customers to view past orders without calling your customer service team.

My Downloads

Once a download is purchased, it stays in a customer’s download link area where they have easy access at any time.

Integrated Communication Options

With our advanced newsletter functionality, customers can add or remove themselves to email lists, reset their own passwords without human intervention, change their email addresses and passwords and more!

Search History

You can learn a lot from what customers are searching for!

Wholesale Pricing Options

Offer entire customer groups tiered pricing or set discount percentages.

Security Options

Choose from several industry-leading encryption methodologies that will be used to protect the sensitive information of your customers.

Non-Profit and Tax Exempt

Allow tax-exempt customers to buy without worry of their tax status.

Integrated Loyalty Programs

Gamification - Reward Your Best Customers

Loyalty and rewards programs are some of the best ways to drive repeat business. Offer store credit and discounts as those points add up!

Recommendation Marketing

Word of mouth advertising isn’t just the cheapest option, it’s still the best. Let customers refer their friends and family and receive a bonus.

Custom Email Options

Customers have options: they can share great email offers with a friend, join a weekly or bi-weekly mailing list and get product updates and sale information right in their inbox.

Shopping Cart Retrieval

People are busy—and they often get interrupted in the middle of placing an order. Let your customers come back and finish up right where they left off, even if they weren’t yet logged in.

Store with Memory

Not only can the AwesomeCommerce store remember what was in your customer’s cart, it can also remember user names, billing and shipping addresses and more—to make shopping in your store a truly custom experience.

Built-in Affiliate Marketing Program

Cookie-Based Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate options are a great way to grow your sales—even if it takes a few visits to get your customer through the cart. Our store remembers affiliate options along with the cart information so affiliates still get credit for sales completed at a later date. Plus, you can resolve any conflicts on affiliate credit!

Affiliate Commission Flexibility

Our flexible system allows you to calculate affiliate commissions based on flat rates, a percentage, and also first in or last out attribution.

Advanced Content Management

Marketing Landing Pages

Create your own landing pages or content pages to provide additional information or for special sales and offers. Drag and drop functionality offers you the freedom to design your page—with columns, HTML, forms–just the way you want it, but doesn’t force you to become a programmer.

Flexible Content Blocks

Between adding content blocks and plug-ins to your content pages, you can truly customize your site exactly the way you want it. More than 15 types of content blocks and an intuitive admin will have you creating in no time.

Menu Creation

Making menus used to be time-consuming and tedious—but not anymore! With AwesomeCommerce, your menus practically build themselves. Top navigation menus as well as side menus can be built and modified right in the admin tool.

Custom Carousels

Display bright, bold and beautiful marketing messages on custom rotating carousels on your homepage and on interior category pages as well. Add slideshows without the need for programming knowledge!

Drive Add-on Sales

Give customers a quick and easy way to find the product they looked at earlier in their session with the “Recently Viewed Products” quicklinks.

Featured News

Bring in an RSS feed anywhere on the site so your visitors will always have something new to look at.

Top Products

Display your top products for the week, top sellers and more automatically.

Keyword Search

Pop a quick-search box anywhere on the store with no hassle at all.

Share the News

Easy-access sticky notes allow you to keep your customers and your admin team informed of changes or updates.

Keep in Touch

Keep your physical address top of mind with a customizable store web form to capture requests and contact forms for shipping calculations.

Search Engine Candy

Setting meta tags for every product in your store may be too aggressive of a goal—but make sure search engines have something to chew on by setting default meta tags for your store.

Getting Help

Your Frequently Asked Questions area will be one of the most frequented; with customers wanting to know everything from shipping location to store hours to support schedules.

Policy Central

Provide your customers with the shipping, privacy, return policy, terms and conditions and more with customized store policies that you control. Add your Terms of Service as part of the checkout process, so customers must review it before checking out. Add personalized policies to the customer service area as needed as well.

Content Marketing

Add custom content pages for additional sales information or as a landing page with only a few clicks.

Inventory / Updates

When you need to make changes to your store or close temporarily for inventory, you can close your store for a period of time and then reopen it.

Customer Communication

Our AwesomeCommerce platform gives you access to fully customizable templates for shipping and printing, as well as for email marketing. Add your information right from the admin and get started fast!

SEO Control

Control how search engines see your store URLs with our custom URL rewriting option.

Admin Access

Our intuitive and simple admin dashboard provides you with quick access to everything you need to keep your store running smoothly.

Order Management

Order Acknowledgement

Many customers aren’t comfortable that their order has been placed until they see the email confirmation! Get it in their inbox quickly and with style.

Advanced Order Filtering

Filter customer orders by shipping status, date range, payment status, order status, keyword and more—everything you need to put just the right order at your fingertips quickly.

Credit Card Processing

There’s no need to process credit cards individually with AwesomeCommerce! We automatically batch credit cards with a single click.

Order Maintenance

Flag suspicious orders, permanently delete test orders and old orders, and more right from the admin panel.

Flexible Payment Options

Gone are the days when customers paid by credit card only! Today’s e-Commerce sites need to accept PayPal, credit card, COD, telephone payments and more and we have you covered.

Customer Credits

Things don’t always go smoothly, so it’s good to know you can issue credits for your customers from right within the admin tool.

Order Status Updates

If something goes wrong, you can always email your customers quickly and easily with status updates on their orders.

Knock Down Fraud

AwesomeCommerce automatically records customer’s IP addresses “just in case” you need to go back and do some research.

Stay Informed

Allow customers to add notes to their orders, and let your service team add either public or private notes to keep everyone on the same page.

Shipping & Tracking Integration

Shipping packages is as simple as clicking a button—and you can even use the system to suggest which box to use! UPS integration is automatic, and you can manually add FedEx, USPS and more.

One-Page Checkout

Let your customers auto-update their payment and shipping options right from a single screen.

Guest Checkout & Fast Registration

As your customer goes through the checkout process, they can seamlessly create an account if they don’t already have one.


Tax Localization

Tax information can be complex and confusing—but we allow you to create unlimited tax zones, classes, state and country taxes as well as taxes by county or zip code.

Tax Exemptions

Create products or customers who are tax exempt with a single click!

Avalara Integrated

Out of the box we’re integrated with Avalara for tax processing.


Payment Methods

Whether your customers want to use credit cards, PayPal Express Checkout or Payments Pro we can handle all your customer payment needs. All customers to place an order and then call in with payment information as well as taking walk-in cash orders or receiving checks in the mail to match up to orders.

Automatic Notifications

Get notifications when your customer’s PayPal payments cleared with an update on order status.

Credit Card Compliance and Testing

All credit cards are securely processed through Authorize.net, and a built-in test processor provides you with a secure option for testing your e-Commerce options without using a live credit card. You can even capture CVV codes with lower processing fees. Plus, AwesomeCommerce currently meets all PA-DSS guidelines for security.

Shipping Options

Real Time Shipping Charges

UPS and USPS rates are automatically calculated based on size, weight and shipping address.

Flat Rate Charges

Add in flat rate charges by order or by number of items, or add a fee based on tiered dollar amounts or overall quantities of items.

Additional Fees

Handling fees are easily managed as either flat rate or per order charges, while individual product shipping charges can be added for specific products (such as oversized items).

Rate Adjustments

Manually adjust shipping rates up or down by a percentage or a set dollar amount per order.

Track Your Customers’ Orders

Add in FedEx, USPS, DHL and other shipping options with automatic links that allow you to check status fast.

Shipping Estimates

Provide your customers with options from multiple providers so they can choose the most cost-effective option to get their products. Limit overall shipping charges by country or region, and allow customers to get shipping estimates without placing an order for their convenience.


Fraud Screening Options

Our robust fraud screen options include screening by: IP address, email address, phone number, domain, credit card and more.

Password Security

While customers often forget their login information, multiple failed attempts can signal fraud. Keep your system secure with lockouts after a certain number of attempts and timed retries—both of which can keep hackers from infiltrating your system.


Password encryption utilizes several industry-leading algorithms for protection.

Credit Card Security

AwesomeCommerce employs Triple DES encryption for all credit card storage and processing. In addition, the full credit card number is never displayed, and customers have an option to scrub their credit card after their payment is complete. CVV and CVV2 codes are never stored or displayed—simply used once to validate the card.

SSL Certificates

Keep your site fully compliant with SSL certificates and shared SSL support on your web host.


Design Themes

While you can always create or customize your design, it can help to have a solid starting point! AwesomeCommerce includes 12 themes in the base package and unlimited plug-ins as well.

Fast Loading Pages

Minimal page sizes means your pages will load quickly and look amazing on mobile.

Flexible Designs

Creating fully CSS-driven page templates means you’ll have the flexibility to make changes on the fly right from your admin tool.

Robust Reporting

Sales Reports

Find daily, weekly or monthly sales reports with order totals as well as details of each order.

Transaction-Based Reporting

Track your team’s activity with transaction reports and quickly identify and solve any outliers or problems.

Affiliate Sales

Find under-performing affiliates and reward rock stars with our simple commission reports for affiliates.

On-Site Searches

One of the best ways to find new offerings is to create a keyword search report and see what your customers are searching for—and not finding.

Easy Integration with 3rd parties

API Integration

Many businesses run on APIs and Web Services, and AwesomeCommerce is no different! Our new REST API is available for hosted and licensed software versions and it makes it incredibly easy to import and export information for inventory management, reporting or for any other reason.

Free Data Management Tools

Import and export content and code from AwesomeCommerce with ease—we offer free tools that will take the guesswork out of data migration!