Ecommerce Mobile Apps to manage your business on the go!

Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Ecommerce has revolutionized selling by providing new options for businesses that want to reach a global market. Companies cannot function without a website now; every business needs an online presence.

After the internet revolution came the mobile revolution, making things easier to access on a smaller screen. Large and small businesses alike have now started making strategies to optimize for mobile platforms, because customers love to shop from their phones and tablets.

A few years ago, designing and maintaining a mobile application was considered a novelty, but mobile commerce is not new anymore. IBM reports that mobile accounted for 45 percent of all online traffic the past holiday season.

Smartphones and tablets make it very easy to browse, choose and purchase items online, and ecommerce sellers also have some apps that easily manage their e-shops and data for them. Some of these apps are so good that they are literally revolutionizing how ecommerce is done.

Below are ecommerce mobile apps that have changed the game and let sellers manage their e-stores online.


Shopify Mobile

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform. Its mobile app is very efficient and lets businesses reach their customers through a single platform. You can manage online transactions, social media, in-store dealings and everything else through this app. Orders can be synced with products and sales so that the mobile experience becomes smooth.

This app also lets you track sales, create new product pages and manage payments, orders and product inventory. Just make sure you are using a mobile device that has a custom-made Shopify app.

You can receive notifications while on the go. This feature is important because people will love your quick customer service. The Shopify app helps you stay connected with your business at all times.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the world’s most used analytics apps. It tracks page views, interactions and click rates – all of which are very important for an ecommerce store.

The Google Analytics app will help you find which areas of your website and marketing plan are driving the most conversions. The app also lets you track Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and signups that occur from various other platforms.

The app is free to use and will help you create a successful marketing strategy for your ecommerce business. Identify the powerful parts in your conversion funnel and devise a strategy accordingly with the mobile-friendly version of Google Analytics.

SEO Search Ranking

Being an ecommerce seller, you often wonder how your keywords are doing compared to your competitors. If you gain insights into keyword analytics, the information can be revolutionary. The SEO Search Rank app helps do just that, showing you how well you rank.

Once you have an idea of where your business stands, you can create a strategy to power up backlinks and incorporate the right keywords to optimize the process. If you are competing with a large business, using this app will help you recognize and use  niche keywords and compete for the more general keywords and rankings.


People who run their business online use Facebook for a variety of reasons. Facebook is a wonderful platform to place ads, boost brand awareness and engage with your customers and fans. Plus, everyone uses Facebook.

This app is ideal for providing  quick customer service online. The notifications can keep you updated about the performance of your business pages so you can take action accordingly.

Customers love when a business replies instantly to queries, concerns and problems. In the world of online business, engaging customers the right way can make your business stand out.


WordPress is a popular content management platform. The WordPress app is popular among ecommerce managers who are always on the go. Use your mobile device to write, edit and publish posts.

You can manage comments on the app as well. Photos and media can also be edited and published on your site through the WordPress app. Its social media buttons are another powerful feature. You can create a buzz on social media by sharing your content directly from WordPress mobile. You can even alert your followers about new updates on your website. WordPress is very user-friendly and requires absolutely no knowledge of coding, so even people with little to no technical skills can easily navigate the app.


Hootsuite is a platform which enables its users to stay on top of their social media game. Businesses can be connected to their social media feeds by using the Hootsuite app.

Businesses can also answer questions, respond to comments and engage with new followers through the app. Many ecommerce business owners know that having a social media presence can do wonders.

Hootsuite can help you cultivate that community. There are options on the app to schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook in advance. Those options help businesses, especially startups, automate social media sharing. By planning days, weeks and months in advance, you can organize and implement your content strategy more effectively.


The Smartsupp app helps merchants embed a live chat window into their shop. If a customer wishes to contact the seller, they can enter and chat. This is a great way to keep in touch with customers and resolve their issues, and also gain valuable feedback. Incoming messages can easily be dealt with on a mobile device since the backend is easy to use for newbies.


The Justuno app is all about conversion rates. To be able to convert visitors into buying customers, Justuno provides some powerful tools. The visitor who subscribes to the newsletter of a shop can be worth a lot of money to the ecommerce business because the customer can be updated about sales and promotions. By using this tool, merchants can add automated pop-ups in the app, which will ask visitors to enter their email addresses. This technology can detect if a customer is about to leave the site, and a pop-up will appear to engage the customer to prevent exit.

You can use the app to design the pop-ups however you want. Merchants can also choose who sees the pop-ups. Fonts, colors and other customizations can be made as well.


Product descriptions are crucial in an ecommerce life cycle. They should fulfill multiple roles. First, they have to convince a customer to buy a product by gaining the customer’s interest and answering queries before the customer types them in the comments section. Second, good descriptions are very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The right keywords will make all the difference, and some SEO rules, when kept in mind, will increase the ranking and visibility of an online store.

For businesses that don’t have budgets to hire copywriting agencies to do the writing for them, the Clickworker app is perfect. You can find great copywriters who will provide you with content that focuses on SEO.

The text is fully optimized for mobile and tailored to target the niche. The descriptions are also sent to an editorial team of Clickworker to be proofread. This app gives you the comfort of running a business from your phone  and getting brilliant product descriptions with just a few taps.


It is crucial to have great product photos in an online shop. Bad photos not only look unappealing, but also reduce sales. Pixelz App gives merchants an easy solution. It specializes in processing photos after they are clicked.

By removing background images, changing colors, adding shadows or adjusting levels of contrast, Pixelz will guide you throughout the editing process.

The process is simple: upload photos to Pixelz, choose the automation you need and receive the photos within 24 hours. Pixelz processes up to 20,000 photos a day!


Having a business means having a logo. People subconsciously look for your logo when they see your website. A good logo talks by instantly transmitting the image of your shop and slogan. Not every business owner is able to afford an expensive agency to make a logo for them. Small business owners can rely on the Logaster app to solve their logo needs.


Shop owners can easily make logos within minutes by using this app. Submit your company name and industry, and Logaster will come up with logo suggestions for your business. Once the merchant has chosen a logo, there are some customizing options such as colors and fonts. The logos may not be as clever and creative as those of a professional designer, but for merchants with budgetary constraints, Logaster provides an effective solution.

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