15 Ecommerce Tools that Have a Direct Impact on Sales

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Nowadays, it is very easy to become an e-retailer by opening a shop online. E-commerce has a huge advantage by being affordable and easy to use by beginners and professionals alike. One does not need dedicated IT personnel to run a small business, since almost every conceivable piece of information is already available on the internet. Take a look at these popular and effective e-commerce tools everyone in the industry is raving about:


Google Analytics

This one may seem obvious, but it is so important that it still needs to be mentioned. Google Analytics is the first and foremost tool that every website should have. Analytics help identify key markers for sales on your website. Some of its features are extremely important to those engaged in e-commerce. For example, noticing conversion funnels and creating events help identify which channels are doing best. Visit Google’s conversion university for more tips and tricks.

Pro Tip: Setting up e-commerce analytics in GA allows small business owners to see a whole business picture that leads to making more informed business decisions.


Get Response

Email marketing brings all the sales to your door. You don’t have to push people to buy your product anymore. In fact, customers will come running to you if you know how to use email marketing to your advantage.

Get Response is a golden tool, with a conversion rate that is 72 percent higher than searches and 323 percent higher than social media. Any retailer who isn’t using email marketing is definitely missing out. Get Response walks you down the path, clearly explaining how and where to start and how to choose the right theme for your business. It is also one of the most trusted platforms for e-commerce sales boosts. Businesses across the globe, and especially within the e-commerce niche, trust Get Response for their interactions and support its app version.

Pro Tip: An email marketing tool like Get Response can be a sales booster in the longer run, but you have to feed them a legitimate email subscribers list all the time. Here are some ideas that will help you get emails of your potential customers.


Google Adwords

Although it remains a fact that you develop your own marketing strategy, you should look into the importance of Google Adwords for acquiring traffic and boosting your sales. In peak seasons like holidays, Adwords can bring in a lot of traffic to your website, if used properly. The pay-per-click policy of Adwords is beneficial if you have a strong visual that attracts a user looking for a good package.

Pro Tip: Try to create separate landing pages to land paid traffic and conduct A/B testing on a continuous basis. This will allow you to understand what your potential customers want in terms of UI and increase your sales via Google Adwords accordingly.


Online Conversion Insights

Are you keeping track of your conversion rate? If yes, great! But, are you tracking the conversion rate of your competitors’ conversion rates? Many successful businesses check their competitors’ conversion rates by using tools like Online Conversion Insight. This will allow you to understand how your competitors are performing and what you can do to improve your business conversions accordingly.

Pro Tip: The idea is to keep a close eye on your competitors’ campaigns to see how they are performing in terms of social success and conversions. This will give you a better understanding of target audiences and campaigns you should design for your business.



The advantages of PayPal are endless. This is why it is the most trusted payment tool for retailers. Telegraph quoted a venture capitalist, who said:

Just think of the ‘PayPal Mafia’( the 13 founders and first employees of PayPal who are now Silicon Valley legends).

Setting up PayPal is very easy, and their pricing policy is what makes them different from regular payment companies. You only pay when you sell something.

Using PayPal for your website ensures a client that their money will not go into fraudulent transactions, because it’s huge customer base is there to support PayPal. It’s a must-have tool for e-commerce, according to InstantShift.

Pro Tip: PayPal is the most trusted payment model in the e-commerce world. If you have PayPal as a payment option, chances are potential customers will be willing to purchase from you instead of from your competitors.



The e-commerce world was totally shaken when Apple acquired Topsy for $200 million. Topsy is a big name in social analytics now. It’s a must-have tool because it can readily provide you insights into your competitors’ social performances.

It handpicks top influencers and targets the specific keywords that are setting trends. In short, you can up your sales game with this social tool. Read more here about how Topsy’s Twitter archive benefits your business.

Pro Tip: Topsy is a great tool that will enable you to see what is trending in the social world. As it provides real-time analytics, it will help you create content that will not only make your brand more aligned with your audience, but will also help you get the most out of it as a business.


Google Tag Manager

Tags are little snippets of codes that are like hidden keywords that define a website. On an e-commerce website, there may be multiple tags on one page, all categorized under a “master” tag. A tag management system is a must-have for any website. Google tag manager helps identify tags so that campaigns can be started quickly and pages can be loaded faster than usual. HTML support on your site makes user experience smooth, makes the website run faster and increases sales accordingly. John Donovan of Lunametrics tells you the 8 reasons you should start using Google Tag Manager now.

Pro Tip: Google tag manger is an amazing tool that will allow you to track even the smallest part of the campaign so that you can better understand your website and make appropriate decisions accordingly.



ClickDesk is a live chat software for e-commerce websites. According to Kissmetrics, “44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a web site can offer.” A marketer survey found out that 63 percent of customers were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Many times, customer service takes a long time to respond, forcing a customer to make a decision quickly. Live chat software like ClickDesk makes sure questions are answered immediately. Less time means better results and more sales. This way, customers are able to save time, especially during peak seasons. A satisfied customer is bound to return to the site in the future.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a live chat option on your website, you are actually giving your competitors an advantage. Live chat on an e-commerce is a must.



Finding a solid SSL (Secure Socket Layer) provider is mandatory for an e-commerce website. An SSL certificate provider issues digital certificates to individuals after verifying their identity. Netcraft reports that about 600,000 sites are protected by SSL.

GeoTrust provides security to your online business and helps you build a relationship of trust with your customers, making sure they return to your site. If you don’t have SSL, you aren’t able to encrypt sensitive information. That means information shared by your customers for the transaction is not secure and could easily be hacked.

Having SSL certification also saves your website from phishing. Web stores that require sensitive financial information of their users must have SSL.

Pro Tip: SSL for an e-commerce website is a necessity. It creates a sense of trust for your buyer, who will be more willing to purchase a product from you rather than from your competitors.



In the fast-paced digital world, a visitor on your website may turn away due to lack of interest. This is why you should have Criteo installed. This is a behavioral targeting tool, which analyzes a visitor’s interests and tailors specific pop-up ads to catch the attention of the visitor. If your site has something of interest, it can lead to potential sales. Guardian hosted a chat session where several panel speakers stressed the importance of using behavioral targeting tools like Criteo.

Pro Tip: E-commerce businesses should include special discounts and freebie ads saved inside Criteo so that users who leave because of product pricing can be entertained and possibly be converted into paying customers.


Exit Monitor

Sometimes a visitor may browse the website for a long time and leave without buying anything. Clever developers have tried to counter this by launching exit intent tools like Exit Monitor. It analyzes when a customer is about to leave and launches a pop up to engage them. Recent studies have shown it to be an effective conversion tool, and sales of certain Exit Monitor users soared by turning most visitors into customers. To quote Conversific.com:

“30% of the Top 1000 US ecommerce sites uses popups – 22% are using entry popups, 14% are using exit popups, 6% are using both!”

Pro Tip: There can be multiple reasons why people left the website, but if the problem is pricing or the catalog, this can easily be addressed with audience-centric pop ups that will appear right before a user intended to leave the website.



For a busy online merchant, timing emails for subscribers is difficult. Marketo is a marketing automation tool that does it for you. For example, sending emails to inactive users or users who haven’t bought anything this season can be done easily.

Its robust analytics and business intelligence doesn’t let you waste time by having to do it all by yourself. It brought a record 22,000 subscribers back in 2013, and continues to do so every year, according to an independent review.

Myfitnesspal uses Marketo to engage 65 million users. CrownPeak uses Marketo for sophisticated reporting. Read 71 other success stories here.

Pro Tip: If you have a big database with a complex marketing model, Marketo should be your choice as a tool that will help you automate your marketing and sales. This will allow you to be more personalized to your audience using trigger-based actions.



One of the best features of this B2B marketing automation tool is its lead nurturing campaign. According to genius.com, 66 percent of buyers indicate that “consistent and relevant communication provided by both sales and marketing organizations” was a key influence in choosing that company as their service provider.

You can set up the campaign just once and use the work flow a couple of times over. They have an easy click-and-drag interface that helps set up campaigns. With Pardot, you get maximum conversion compared to other strategies. You can also find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities through this platform.

Pro Tip: If you have the kind of product that causes people to wait and think before they actually purchase, then you have to use a tool like Pardot so that you can continuously nurture your potential customers until they turn into a lead.


Sweettooth Rewards

It is beneficial for a merchant to offer his customers a loyalty program, since it is proven that loyalty programs strengthen the bond between customers and sellers. In the online world, however, these loyalty program schemes can totally backfire. Customers don’t like to visit links saying that they will avail an advantage if they click, since these practices seem sketchy [“Get 10% off at website.com using the referral link website.com/ref=?fdaskFSD.”]

Developers have tried to turn that around by introducing Sweettooth Rewards, which offer a points-based loyalty program for your customers. It is a strong seller, and it gets you clients who care about your brand and want to grow with you. Dropbox uses a referral program and went from 100,000 to 4 million users in 15 months!

Pro Tip: When adding a rewards program, try to make it fun and add gamification to it so that people find it interesting and start sharing it within their circles.



Imagine having a shop where the salesmen could understand and deal in any language of the world with customers? Sounds like a dream, right? Bumpin is a tool that places a bar at the bottom of your website, providing options like pushing sales promotions, adding social plugins and adding an option for visitors to translate the site. It equals more sales, and that’s why it is very quick to get customer interaction. Taco Bell has been using the service, and their marketing officer reported massive improvements.

Pro Tip: E-commerce businesses that offer their products to people around the world should consider this tool. Speaking in a customer’s language will make the customer feel more comfortable and the site more personal, which have a direct impact on sales.


The internet is ever-evolving. One popular tool may die down and be replaced with another version that is more clever. That’s why you should conduct a lot of research on e-commerce tools to boost your sales. If you are planning to start an e-commerce business, try this cloud based e-commerce platform.

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